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Parents want more time with their kids!

Recent research shows that parents have a problem, and we’re out to solve it! When I spoke to the Courier Mail recently, they agreed that family time is more important now than ever.

For parents with children still at home, conquering debt and paying off the mortgage are the big still-to-do ambitions. And more than a third of them would love some more shut-eye.

They are also the most likely (28 per cent) to want to spend more time with family and friends (24 per cent), while one in six of those with ­children aged 15-plus are still pursuing their childhood dream job.


Anne-Marie Walton’s two sons are grown up but she remembers the challenges of being a working mum and has developed a new app, Express2Fun, to help busy parents pick and plan learning-based fun non-screen activities with their two to 10-year-olds.

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