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Easier parenting and happy kids

Using technology for fast fun together, off-screen!

Do you Wantu help families across the world have fun together?

We’ve learned a lot from the 1000’s of families using our original BETA App, and now want your help to refine the product ready for an exciting new release. We are seeking a limited number of parents or carers to work closely with us in this next stage.

To get exclusive access to the new Wantu App, nominate your family below to work directly with the Wantu Team.

What is it?

Wantu, a marketing, communications and social impact platform.

Whether you have just 15 or 30 minutes to spare, if you’re a busy parent or carer, we’ve got your back!

Wantu began life as Express2fun and now after BETA testing from 1000’s of awesome families, we’re on track to put great customised ideas for fun and interactive activities to do together with 2-to-8 year olds right in the palm of your hand, with a super-improved product.

Wantu has big plans for the future! The videos here show what the original App did, we’re excited at the leaps we’re taking with the new Wantu App and can’t wait to show the world what’s coming next.

Thank you to the parents, carers and kids who helped test the first Express2Fun App and for helping us create better parenting outcomes for adults, and happier kids towards becoming the contributors of our future.

Maximise your time together, find alternatives to screen time for kids, build better relationships through two-way face-to-face interactions, encourage communication and creative-thinking skills in 2-to-8 year olds, and have some fun yourself!


You may not be able to spare 3 hours each day for a trip, a picnic or a movie but a focused 15-30 minute activity can still go a long way for a child AND for you!


Easily pick from lots of fun activities across multiple categories, all with step-by-step instructions using household items or just yourselves.



You select from a curated shortlist of 3 activities which you, the adult, would like to do. Wantu hides your short-list of activities in colourful dancing balloons, then hand your smartphone to the kids so they can choose the “surprise” activity to play. Genius!


Snap a pic and share the fun you’re having together with friends on Facebook and Instagram.

Keep up to date with the latest news!

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